chap isap obt farm coverage detail

Ransomware Support

Covers assistance to attempt to free the computer system and restore functionality, and if not possible, restore the system from the latest available back up.

Identity Theft Restoration

Applies for the named insured individual(s) and family members including credit monitoring.

Breach Notice Coverage

Pays for notification and credit monitoring when PII (electronic and paper) is lost or stolen.

Privacy Liability

Responds to third party claims due to losses sustained when personal information (SSN, credit card number, etc.) is stolen or exposed.

Security Breach Liability

Covers third party damages resulting from a computer virus or other malware that has been transmitted to a third party from your computer system.

Cyber Business Interruption

Pays business interruption costs incurred as a result of a defined business interruption event.

Media Liability

Covers liability arising from one or more named acts or allegations of acts.

Identity Theft Remediation Services

Provides for the services of an Identity Theft Remediation Advocate to assist victims in resolving the fraudulent use of PII.

Online Banking Theft

Protects businesses from loss of funds due to criminal account take-over when banking online.

Social Engineering Fraud

Covers loss of funds resulting from transferring, paying or delivering funds to any business or person under false pretenses.

Wire Transfer Fraud

Reimburses loss of funds resulting from a fraudulent instruction directing a financial institution to transfer, pay, or deliver funds from your account.

Coverage Extensions

Extends cyber protection to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and private passenger autos.

UAV Third Party Liability 

Compensatory damages to PD or BI caused by a UAV (drone), including payload.

Fines & Penalties

Covers costs associated with monetary penalties resulting from a covered peril.

$10,000 - $100,000 (USD)


$25,000 - $1 Million (USD)


$25,000 - $50,000 (USD)


$10,000 - $100,000 (USD)